Welcome to the ASP Training WIKI
This WIKI was developed and designed to assist current ASP instructors on staying current and up to date on their ASP instructional techniques and skills. As part of ASP ongoing commitment to training, this site was designed to facilitate a collaboration between current ASP Instructors and Trainers to meet the following goals:
  1. This site will allow current Instructors to review instructional material, videos, and training formats to assist them in conduct ASP (ABC) course.
  2. This site will allow current Instructors to have access to the most current training materials that have been developed by ASP to teach their courses.
  3. This site is also designed as an informational portal where current instructors can stay connected with each other, no matter their location, and will allow for current instructors to find information and ask questions from the Factory and ASP Trainers to assist them in conducting ASP training courses.

For information on becoming an ASP Instructor or Agencies looking at hosting a ASP (AIC) Instructor Certification seminar please review the information on the SEMINAR GUIDELINES page and contact

Ashley Anders Training Coordinator