To sanction an ASP Instructor Certification (AIC) Program, you must adhere to the following guidelines. There is no charge to the agency, distributor or participants if these procedures are followed.

1. Your sponsoring Agency Application must be submitted to Armament Systems and Procedures two months prior to the proposed seminar date. The application may be sent by mail or fax. Without this notice, we cannot schedule instructors or training equipment.

2. Each participant must bring with them a photocopy of their official credentials or a letter of recommendation from an authorized agency. Official credentials include those from law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, security or public training agencies.

3. A minimum of 15 different agencies and 30 participants must be represented at a specific training session. A maximum of 50 participants is allowed.

4. A $50.00 training deposit check payable to ASP is required from each participant at the time of registration. This money is retained by the sponsoring agency. At theconclusion of the AIC Training, the deposit will be refunded to each class participant. Individuals who register and do not attend the training will forfeit their registration fee.
5. An appropriate facility must be secured for the program. The adjoining classroom and training area must meet the following requirements:


1. Tables arranged theater style (two people per 8' table)2. Podium3. Chalkboard4. Chart Pad

Training Area

1. 100 square feet of unobstructed floor space per student (a class of 30 students will need 30 x 100 or a 3,000 square foot room)
2. Floor surface capable of collapsing the Expandable Baton
3. Unprotected wooden or tiled floors are not acceptable.

6. Four weeks prior to the scheduled program date, a Class Participant List including name, agency, position and prior certification must be submitted to ASP.
Failure to provide this list will result in automatic cancellation of the program.
7. ASP Instructor Certification Seminars are conducted without charge to the participants.

8. Prior to attending the ASP Instructor Certification, individuals should have attained ASP Basic Certification or hold another baton or handcuff instructor certification.

9. Attending an AIC Program does not assure instructor certification. Those who do not pass the AIC Written and Performance Tests will not be awarded certification.

10. The Training Briefing Bulletin (see enclosed) must be sent to all seminar participants.
11. Each participant must provide his own equipment: 16, 21 or 26 ASP Tactical Baton and Scabbard, duty belt, whistle, training clothing, safety supplies. (No functional firearms are allowed in class.)
12. One week prior to the seminar, the training material and equipment will be shipped to the seminar location. The Seminar Coordinator is responsible for having all material at the training site prior to the start of class.

13. Please provide recommendations regarding local hotels and restaurants in the training area.
14. Upon completion of the AIC Program, the Seminar Coordinator is responsible for the return of all training equipment to ASP. Inform ASP of the number of unsold equipment to be shipped back. All RedMan suits are to be returned. Be certain that all equipment is ready for UPS shipment.